Waste Gas Surry Pipes Protected with CeramAlloy CBX

These slurry pipes are part of a waste gas cleaning system at a steel mill.  The fine particles of abrasive solids (fine alumina, silica, coke and iron) moving through these pipes, get washed out of a dust collection system and the water slurry is pumped to a thickener tank.  These fine particles wear away at the elbow joints of pipes like these very easily.

Lining the inside surface of elbows like this applies to almost any slurry pumping system since all are abrasive to some degree and the elbows wear out much faster than the straight sections of pipe.

ENECON’s METALCLAD CeramAlloy CBX can combat abrasion wear like this on slurry pipes.  CeramAlloy CBX is formulated to provide effective repair and rebuilding characteristics on all types of equipment subject to sever abrasion.


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