Pipe Joints Repaired and Reinforced at Wastewater Facility

Replacement of a joint to an industrial sewage pipe is extremely pricey, costing up to $100,000 in addition to causing lengthy facility down-time. Luckily, a local ENECON distributor was able to provide this Tennessee wastewater facility with a durable, cost effective repair and protection system for their leaky, aging pipe joints.

To repair over forty pipe elbow joints in the facility, they were first brush blasted to remove all corrosion damage and loose debris. Any holes in the pipe were sealed with SpeedAlloy, for a fast and effective repair, curing to a metal-hard composite in just minutes. A reinforcement layer of DurAlloy was applied afterwards.

Following the repairs, an adhesive primer was applied to the piping to prepare for the DuraWrap carbon fiber system. The carbon fiber sheets were saturated and then wrapped around the piping for two durable layers. The DuraWrap system provided the pipe joints with years of protection and saved the facility over $90,000 by choosing to repair, not replace.


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