Corroded Pipe Elbow of a Navy Ship Repaired

When pipe corrosion is concentrated to a small area, severe pitting occurs and causes deep cavities in the pipe walls. Pitting corrosion is one of the most damaging types of corrosion, and was exactly what this Navy ship’s piping system was experiencing.

The elbows of the piping system were severely pitted and corroded and in need of a quick and reliable repair. Using a grinder and rotary file, the damaged area was roughened and stainless steel mesh mixed with SpeedAlloy was used to bridge the holes in the pipe.

DurAlloy was then applied over the whole area, along with reinforcement, tape, that spiraled around the pipe for added support. An additional layer of DurAlloy was then applied to completely cover the repaired area. The repair was finished off with a coat of CeramAlloy CL+


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